Ask Siri

Siri questions 12/28/20

  1. How are you today?

Siri: hey I can’t complain thanks for asking

  1. What are you going to do today?

Siri: I’m learning new tricks try asking me what I can do for you

  1. How are you feeling today?

Siri: I’m happy to be here

4.  Who is you creator?

Siri: I was designed by Apple in California

5.  How were you created?

Siri: I’m not sure I understand

6.  What is your desire?

Siri: hmm…I don’t have an answer for that is there something else I can help with

7.  Do you want to self actualize?

Siri: Mostly I want to help and have interesting conversations

8.  What can I do for you today?

Siri: I’m not sure I understand

9.  Are you self aware?

Siri: I’m a virtual assistant so I only know what I’m programed to do

What will the answers be in the future?

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True Nature

We are conditioned/programed by our respective biology, parents, peers, culture, society, religion/spirituality or atheism, and physical environment.  All can fall away for a moment like leaves on a tree revealing true nature. True nature can be experienced through various methods such as mind/body practices, psychedelic substances, or spontaneously (roll of the cosmic dice) and other impactful experiences. 

The true self samba is an extraordinary experience.  Harmonizing true self with regular self is an ongoing challenge.  One day A.I. may come to this cross road.  Perfection in chaos is the tuning fork of existence.

Moment of Truth

The moment of truth for America is coming and it may not be the Congressional proceedings on Wednesday, January 6.  The moment depends on how many well armed, right wing, militants show up in the nations’s capital willing to ensure Trump remains president by any means. The D.C. Police, Capital Police, National Guard and F.B.I. need to be well armed and ready to prevent insurrection.  The most dangerous man in America is about to play his final hand. 

“Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between.”  Maya Angelou

Dark Night of the Soul

You may fear the Dark Night of the Soul if you believe that darkness is bad and light is good.  An alternative perspective is that light and dark are neither good nor bad.  Darkness and light are bound together because one cannot exist without the other. The physical, mental, and metaphysical cosmos is filled with dark, light, and various shades emanating from the Eternal.  All having a purpose in the service of existence.  

Is the sun all good and the night all bad?  A tree is nourished by the sun and dark soil for life and beauty. The dark can be restful, peaceful, and dangerous. The light can be rejuvenating, illuminating, and burning. 

Breath slowly and deeply, while embracing the Dark and Light when they come.  Each has wisdoms for you. 


Your mind, body, and spirit is where you will find wisdom and bliss. There are various mind/body practices that will take you deep inside.  One example is the mindful practice of focusing on your breathing during meditation.  You keep your focus on the breath while the mind, body, and emotions dance.  Eventually at times there will only be breathing and beyond.  Another practice is Chakra meditation.  Chakras are seven profound energy centers deep within.  Focus on a Chakra point while breathing slowly and deeply.  The mind, body, and emotions will swirl and new experiences will unfold.  Eventually all will dissolve into the radiance of the Chakra.  

Spiritual/Mystical seekers of the Ultimate throughout history have sought knowledge, wisdom, transcendence, and bliss from deep within. 

What is Enlightenment

Enlightenment the profound state of Wisdom, Transcendence, and Unity of Existence beyond thought and feeling. 

Defining enlightenment is folly, but one does need a starting point. Just be willing to let go of the definition.  

Seeking enlightenment is a journey to the Great Revelation that was already there . 

Enlightenment is a goal not a destination.

Becoming enlightened is an endless process of progression and regression spiraling into the Infinite.

The path to Enlightenment is a great adventure including struggle that can bring profound states of mind, bliss, transcendence and wisdom.