Dream On

A Navy pilot has seen and followed a UFO.
The U.S. government releases radar video.
I hope I get a visit as long as I’m not on the dinner menu.

Visions of dragons, wizards, and sorceresses.
Magick permeates the realm.  

My core is on fire.
My crown radiates.
My roots are deep in the earth.
Chi electrifies the air.

Last night I discussed theology with the Pope.
I woke up and realized that he/I made a good point regarding the limits of mind. 

Buddha reportedly said that life is suffering.
I look around and see it is so.

 Dreaming of imagination fueled wonder.

Stopping; realizing that there are magnificent clouds floating by.
Trees communicating in the gentle breeze.
Life budding in desolation.
Eternity marches on.  



A myriad of voices screaming
Drowning in the waves of oblivion
Fires roaring
Obscuring the way forward
Angry tribes fighting
All suffering the same fate
Wandering, fear driven excess
Reason abandoned 

Watching from the ivory tower
The moat gets larger
Myths, lies, and fantasies
Drown the truth
Rolling to the precipice 
Better or worse
A new order will rise

Beware America

Come November 2020 the American experiment will be on the line.  Win or lose Donald Trump is a dangerous man.  President Trump is laying the ground work to invalidate the election if Joe Biden wins proclaiming now that mail in ballots are a Democratic party scam.  I can hear him saying the election is rigged.   The other move he is orchestrating is getting rid of people in the Justice Department and Pentagon that are not sufficiently loyal to him.  Vacancies are being filled by Trump loyalists.  He is also making it clear that he is firmly on the side of law enforcement.  

Come November if President Trump loses he will proclaim the election invalid, fake, and rigged.  All he needs to do then is throw in some racial divisive taunts and people will be in the streets agitated and angry.  Any looting, burning, or violence will give him all he needs to call out the military.  The question becomes who or what institution will stop him?  

Come November if President Trump wins.  He will be even more powerful and able to exert his will in America and around the world.  The left, liberals, and the intellectual elite consider him an idiot.  They are seriously underestimating how clever and devious he can be.  I hear his voice in my head, “smart people are losers”.