Demon Slayer

Early this morning my wife in great distress, wakes me up. She says there is a demon on the bathroom ceiling, where she wants to engage in beautification procedures. Jumping out of bed, I need to choose my demon slaying weapon wisely. 

My options are:

  1. Chi magazine which is the perfect size and weight for the task. I pass on this option because I don’t want to mess up my Chi.
  2. I consider my Fortune magazine which would pack a powerful hammer strike. However, I hope by reading Fortune I will have enough money to hire a security team for my wife.
  3. Finally there is The New Yorker which is thin and light, not much heft. I choose this option hoping that speed and accuracy will make up for the lack of heft.

Enter the Bathroom: Where a demon stares down from the ceiling mocking me. Like a ninja, I spring into action knocking the demon to the floor. The demon hits the floor and immediately charges straight at me with eyes of fire. I take a low fighting stance and repeatedly bash the demon with lighting speed using The The New Yorker. The demon disintegrates into a pool of guts and body parts on the bathroom floor. My wife looks on with horror and disgust; how can she engage in beautification procedures with demon remains where she needs to stand. Thinking quickly, I grab a tissue and wipe it up and dispose of the demon remains.

Walking back to bed, I feel the exhilaration of a victorious Roman gladiator, winning in the Colosseum, coursing through my veins. Laying in bed I wonder what type of Buddhist hell I will go to for taking a life as I fall asleep. Waking up I think what a wild dream until I hear my wife shrieking “there is another one”.

Shadow Work

Self awareness and acceptance is key. Your shadow is always with you. Open self examination of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day will eventually reveal the shadow. Accepting, but not acting on your negative thoughts and feelings is part of the process. It is important to have a strong, stable, and ethical mind before pursuing your inner shadow. The balanced integration of light and dark are needed to be an informed and wise being.