There would no longer be any problems left in the world, if violence solved problems. 


Cosmic Cauldron

Undifferentiated Essence
Mind infused
Vapors brewing
Bubbling through
Emptiness opens
Dancing beings effuse

Particles collide 
Drama begins
Director unseen
Actors carry on
Crone whispers
There is no play
She is shunned
Drama continues 

Scientists and Mystics

Scientists theorize and experiment to gain knowledge which can be applied in the world.

Mystics engage in self contemplation and experience altered states of consciousness gaining wisdom that can be applied in the world.

Science and Mysticism begin to meet when the vastness of the Cosmos is analyzed and contemplated. 

We are evolved stardust seeking out our Source.


Personal, Government, and other types of debt is a looming global crisis that could have catastrophic consequences.  The two major political parties in the USA increase government debt with no end in sight.  Republicans tend to cut taxes particularly for the wealthy and increase security related expenditures thus increasing debt.  Democrats to raise taxes and increase spending on social programs for more than the tax increase,  thus increasing debt.  Individuals carry too much debt, too many cannot pay their student loans, many pensions are in trouble, cities, counties, states, and countries carry too much debt.  Medicare and Social Security have financial solvency issues. How this ends could be frightening.