Love Bombs

Psychedelic medicine is the not so new buzz. Being taken seriously by the pharmaceutical industry, medical community, media, and public at the same time is new. The promise of treating various mental health conditions like addiction, PTSD, depression, and psychological issues when faced with dying is real and being research. Many are not waiting for the research results and are finding ways and places to do their own personal experimentation. There are others that seek out the psychedelic experience for mystical and self discover purposes. 

The military industrial complex should not pass up this opportunity. Weaponizing psychedelics would be a marvelous opportunity. Chemical warfare that does not kill, but leaves your adversaries too enlightened to fight. Imagine people too busy with bliss and exploring the nature of existence to be bothered by waging war. Back in the 1960’s the saying was Make Love not War. The saying now could be Make Love Bombs

Aliens Everywhere

Any Town USA on Maple St. Ed says to his wife, Honey the government says we got aliens. Beth responds, Great maybe they can get the kids to school cause I’m running late for work. Oh don’t worry I can take them. Maybe the aliens could do the yard work this weekend. I don’t want to miss church. Pastor John will surely tell us what God says about aliens.

War God

Fighting over caves.

Bronze age empires clashing in Mesopotamia. 

The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Alexander becoming the great.

Mars sending out his legions. 

Thor’s raiders sail the seas. 

Mongol hoards from tent to empire.

Jesus Crusades meet Allahu Akbar Jihad. 

Samurai rivers of blood.

One hundred year war precursor to British empire. 

Colonialism clash of empires laying waste to indigenous people that were warring long before the Europeans arrived. 

Slavery having roots from Bronze Age Empires’ war spoils viciously rises in the western world for development and commerce in the colonies. 

Napoleon becomes a household name. 

Religious wars are always plentiful and blessed by the god talkers.

The Great Game conflicts between Russia and England play out. Afghanistan makes an appearance. 

World World I sets the stage for World II.

‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’, said Oppenheimer the leader of the team of scientists that developed the American atomic bomb. 

Eisenhower warns of the danger of the military industrial complex.

King David’s people have risen again in the desert with new powerful, high tech weapons. 

From Ulysses to our modern day heroes of war held in awe inspiring esteem.

The clash of empires, regional powers, and non state actors is still upon us.

Weapons of mass destruction is a common term.

Space and the internet are new frontiers of war.

The stories that captivate us are our warrior heroes, righteous victories, and the narrative of our side’s greatness. The horrors of war fade or are too disturbing to think about. Avarice, hubris, power, greed and righteousness along with captivating stories make war too valuable to stop.

That is the God of War.