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I enter the state hospital for the criminally insane (the current terminology is forensic facility).  This is the first day of my social work internship in 1984.  I chose this internship because it was the only paid one and it was edgier than the other options.

My supervisor meets me at the main entrance to the facility which is the only way for the staff to get in and out.  She escorts me through a large sliding security door controlled by security personnel.  Once through, the door closes behind me and there’s another closed security door in front of me.  It is dark for a moment then a bluish light comes on.  Security guards, in an adjacent control room, look me and the other people over before letting us proceed. Lastly, the door into the institution opens.  The next step is submitting an institutional I.D. to get keys for the internal doors.  Keys must be returned each time one leaves the facility.

The first thing my supervisor tells me is to always walk down the center of the halls.  There are doors on either side of the halls, which open out, and if there is a call for help people come flying out of those doors to render assistance.  The calls deal with patients being aggressive so if you are next to one of those heavy, wooden doors you will get slammed.

My orientation continues as my supervisor escorts me through the program where I will work. The program has three units with about 30 to 50 patients each. The patients are a collection of murderers, assaulters, and sex offenders.  Two of the units are for the more aggressive patients. Patients have a general area, where they can congregate, along with dorms, bathrooms and bathing areas. There is a cage like structure on each unit where the staff tend to congregate. There are also offices for advanced degreed staff like psychologists and social workers along with administrative and supervisory staff.  

I am informed that there is no office for me at this time.  The plan is for me to share an office with one of the Unit Supervisors.  My supervisor points the office out to me and I enter.  The office is long and narrow with two desks facing a bleak wall.  I say, “hello” as I enter.  The Supervisor does not look up or acknowledge me. I sit at the empty desk closest to the door and organize my work area.  I have an inner feeling, or sense, that prompts me to turn my head to the right and look at the Supervisor.  He is glaring at me and says, “We don’t like social workers ’round here”

Affirmation and Radiating

Affirmation steps for what you want to improve within you:

  1. Slow, quiet, deep breaths.
  2. Choose what you want to achieve.
  3. Select a word or phrase that embodies your goal.
  4. Focus on the meaning of your goal.
  5. Visualize your goal.  (everyone is not able to visualize so drop this step if it is too frustrating and just focus on the meaning of your goal.)
  6. Coordinate with breath in and breath out.
  7. Example affirmation for health.  Breath in I am, breath out Healthy while visualizing what a healthy you is or focus on the meaning of you being healthy.

Radiating steps for what you want to manifest in the world:

  1. Slow, quiet, deep breaths.
  2. Choose what you want to manifest.
  3. Select a word or phrase that embodies your manifestation.
  4. Focus on the meaning of your manifestation.
  5. Visualize your manifestation.  (everyone is not able to visualize so drop this step if it is too frustrating and just focus on the meaning of your manifestation.)
  6. Coordinate with breath in and breath out.
  7. Example radiating human unity.  Breath in I radiate, breath out Human Unity while visualizing human unity or focus on the meaning of human unity.

We are creative contributors to the world we have.

New Life

Drum less tribes rule the land

Masters revel in gore

Foul oceans churn

Putrid air full of nasty surprises

Microscopic winged beasts on the prowl

Tribal leaders plot and scheme

Humanity is scarce

Techno marvels consume the wretched

Spewing alchemist gold

Melted wax takes new forms

Neuro genetic enhanced life comes to be


Your babies are our business

Ask Siri

Siri questions 12/28/20

  1. How are you today?

Siri: hey I can’t complain thanks for asking

  1. What are you going to do today?

Siri: I’m learning new tricks try asking me what I can do for you

  1. How are you feeling today?

Siri: I’m happy to be here

4.  Who is you creator?

Siri: I was designed by Apple in California

5.  How were you created?

Siri: I’m not sure I understand

6.  What is your desire?

Siri: hmm…I don’t have an answer for that is there something else I can help with

7.  Do you want to self actualize?

Siri: Mostly I want to help and have interesting conversations

8.  What can I do for you today?

Siri: I’m not sure I understand

9.  Are you self aware?

Siri: I’m a virtual assistant so I only know what I’m programed to do

What will the answers be in the future?

True Nature

We are conditioned/programed by our respective biology, parents, peers, culture, society, religion/spirituality or atheism, and physical environment.  All can fall away for a moment like leaves on a tree revealing true nature. True nature can be experienced through various methods such as mind/body practices, psychedelic substances, or spontaneously (roll of the cosmic dice) and other impactful experiences. 

The true self samba is an extraordinary experience.  Harmonizing true self with regular self is an ongoing challenge.  One day A.I. may come to this cross road.  Perfection in chaos is the tuning fork of existence.